Brand promotion can often come at a high price, and it may not always go how we planned it. However, there is one promotional method that is almost guaranteed to increase the value of your brand, improve the working environment within your company, enhance customer retention, and is possibly the most cost-effective form of advertising out there – promotional apparel. Today, we want to focus on how promotional apparel can increase the value of your brand, and we will touch on a few other fantastic benefits it can provide for your business. 

Enhancing Your Brand Visibility – There are a number of ways that promo apparel can enhance the visibility of your brand. Whether it is primarily for your workforce or customer giveaways, investing in promotional apparel means your business will be noticed by many. Anybody who wears your brand automatically becomes a walking ambassador for your business. 

Giving Your Brand a Professional Image – Whatever your business may be, it is safe to say that there is probably a lot of competition out there. In today’s competitive market, the success of a brand relies heavily on image. You need to stand out above the rest, and people want to see how professional you are. Stylish and high-quality promotional apparel massively contributes to a professional and cohesive brand image, leaving a positive impression on everyone who encounters your brand. 

Gaining Recognition – When trying to gain brand recognition, consistency is key. If you keep using promotional apparel with a well-designed logo and a stylish design, it will encourage people to notice your brand and remember it. I’m sure all of us could think of a few (or a few hundred) brands that have left an ever-lasting impression in our memory. Branded apparel is a brilliant way for all to recall and recognise your brand. 

Uniting Your Workforce and Improving Morale – Firstly, customised promotional apparel is a tremendous tool for enhancing the morale of your workforce. It shows that you care about your employees and how they appear at work. Secondly, providing employees with branded apparel fosters a sense of unity and belonging they might not have otherwise. When employee morale and unity are enhanced, it encourages a positive work culture and boosts productivity. 

Maintaining High Levels of Consistency – When you constantly provide desirable promotional apparel to customers or your workforce, it develops a sense of trust and reliability. Investing in quality promotional products regularly is not only a fantastic way to maintain a high level of consistency, but it will never break the bank. 

Improves Your Customer Loyalty – If you give out promotional apparel to your customers, it is sure to strengthen the bond you share. Every customer is looking for the perfect customer experience. So, occasionally, investing in promotional products that tell them they are valued is the perfect way to give them what they want and enhance their loyalty and retention. 

Creating Mobile Advertisements – When a satisfied customer or employee wears your branded clothing, they instantly become a free walking advertisement for your company. Anyone wearing your brand effectively endorses your business to their social circles, acting as an advocate for your service and products. 

Some Ideas on How to Distribute Your Promotional Apparel 

There are plenty of ways to distribute your promotional apparel, and the more you do so, the more you are increasing the value of your brand. One of the best things about promo products is that they aren’t a one-trick pony. When you invest in high-quality and stylish products that people will use, your brand is advertised repeatedly, increasing the visibility, awareness, and overall value of your business for as long as they last. A successful campaign using branded promotional products is the perfect way to get a business off the ground or enhance the one you already have. So, what are the best ways to get them out there? Here are a few tried and tested methods that will almost certainly work for any business. 

Prize Draws – This is a fantastic distribution method for businesses, new and old. There are hundreds of ways you can create a prize draw to get your branded apparel out there, depending on your demographic. The methods by which you decide may vary, but it is a chance to get extremely fun and creative with your ideas. Workplace competitions, social media campaigns or events in your local area are just a few. 

Offering Rewards for Customer Loyalty – Reward systems are another great way to give away promotional apparel to your customers. Some businesses like to offer points to customers every time they use their service, meaning that customers may begin to use a business more often to get the reward. Others give out promotional apparel through customer referrals or encourage people to share their online platforms on social media. Deciding which way will work best is entirely up to you. 

Taking Part in a Trade Show – Taking part in trade shows is the perfect place to show off what you have on offer by setting up a stand that is devoted to your brand and the service you provide. They are the perfect place to dish out promotional products so that people will never forget to drop by for a chat. This is another excellent opportunity to get as creative as you can so that your brand will stand out above the rest. 

Find Out More 

If you would like to know more about how Goodgear’s promotional apparel can enhance the value of your brand, get in touch today, or if you would like to see first-hand what we can provide, head to our online catalogue. We have been providing promotional clothing and hundreds of unique promotional products to Australia for over 35 years. There aren’t many people who understand the importance and benefits of promotional apparel and products more than Goodgear. We will be happy to guide your business every step of the way to ensure the best possible results from your promotional purchases. 

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