When companies need to purchase branded apparel for their workers, particular considerations can sometimes be dismissed. Of course, running a business can be perpetually busy and time-consuming. Still, we recommend putting some time aside to put some thought into all branded apparel that you buy. After all, most businesses are going to invest the money either way, so surely, you might as well make the right choice in garments, design, colour, functionality, quality, practicality, comfort, and customisation possibilities. Goodgear Australia has been providing branded apparel to customers nationwide for over thirty-five years, so we would like to share some of our top advice for when you next need to purchase your branded apparel. 

Essential Considerations to Make During the Process of Choosing Your Branded Apparel

Throughout our years of experience, we have noticed that many businesses in Australia treat the decision-making process of purchasing branded apparel in a way that is opposite to how they should. Of course, we don’t want extra work on our hands, but carefully choosing the perfect product for your employees or target market can make a whole world of difference to each working day. Not only that, but when your staff look good and are out and about wearing their branded apparel, people will notice your brand more and more. Taking the time to carefully consider your branded apparel can really make a difference to all aspects of your business. 

Consider the comfort of your employees – If you want workers to work, comfort is paramount. Remember, your employees will be wearing these clothes every day for extended periods of time, so finding something breathable that fits well and allows plenty of movement can dramatically enhance their productivity. It is also a brilliant way to contribute to the overall well-being of your team, dramatically improving their job satisfaction. 

Don’t forget about the weather – You might be thinking that this isn’t something you need to think about because all your workers are based indoors, but what about on their way to and from their shift? The more you consider weather-appropriate clothing, the more likely they will wear it. You should always think about the geographical location of your business and give your employees a selection of branded apparel so they show off your brand, rain or shine.

Choose high-quality garments – Quality should be non-negotiable when ordering your branded apparel. We all want to save a buck, but doing so can often have the reverse effect. A high-quality, durable product will last far longer, meaning you will inevitably spend less in the long run.

Is it going to live up to its purpose? – Before considering aesthetics, the next essential thing after comfort is ensuring your branded apparel will live up to its intended purpose.  Take some time to contemplate what your workers need to make their day easier and more productive. If your company’s branded apparel aligns perfectly with your worker’s day-to-day activities, you are going to see one hell of a difference. 

The importance of thinking about style and colour – Besides the importance of comfort, practicality, and quality, it is always worth concerning yourself with how your employees look. The right design can enhance brand recognition and leave a long-lasting positive impression on workers, clients, customers, and the general public. Don’t underestimate the power of looking your best. You should always find the perfect balance that aligns with your brand identity and adheres to contemporary fashion trends. 

Get a second opinion – When making these all-important decisions on your branded apparel, don’t overlook the valuable input of your team or employees. They are the ones who will be wearing it, and they might just have some fantastic ideas. For a decision like this, the more perspectives, the better. This is also a great way to create a feeling of unity within a company, allowing your workers to feel valued for their hard work. 

Some Additional Tips When Browsing the Market for Branded Apparel 

The success of your branded apparel venture doesn’t entirely depend on the decisions you make regarding the points we have mentioned above. You will also need to consider the company you want to go with. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as easy as a simple internet search. There are a few critical factors you should look into before making any large purchases. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when looking at what is on offer. 

What reputation does the company have? – You should look into how long they have been providing branded apparel and read some customer reviews. This will give you an insight into what you should expect when dealing with them. 

Do they have a large enough selection of products? – Don’t go with anyone who only offers a limited selection of items. As we mentioned before, the more extensive the selection of branded apparel you give your employees, the more often they will wear it. 

What customisation possibilities do they offer? – Give them a call or browse their website. If they offer customisation, it gives you a chance to purchase something truly unique and perfect for your business. 

Do they care about quality? – Try to find a company that at least offers locally made products, and doesn’t import everything from the cheapest possible source. Have a read about the quality of the clothing they offer to ensure you are going to buy something long-lasting. 

How are their customer service skills? – The first time you make contact with them, monitor their customer service skills. When making such an investment, you want a responsive, knowledgeable, and attentive customer service experience. 

Find Out More About Finding the Best Branded Apparel for Your Business

Here at Goodgear, we have multiple categories of branded and promotional marketing products to suit the needs of all businesses. We are proud to have provided the whole of Australia with high-quality branded apparel and promotional products for almost four decades. If you have any questions regarding branded apparel or promotional products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today or have a look through our online catalogue. We will be happy to guide you through our vast selection of customisable goods, and our experienced team will be able to give you any advice you might need. Remember, choosing branded apparel isn’t a straightforward process, and you need to take your time if you’re going to do it the right way. If branded apparel is something you are considering, you won’t find many who understand the market quite as much as we do. 

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