Compare the value of  promotional products to other forms of advertising, and research consistently shows your marketing dollar goes further with promotional products.

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We believe in the value of promotional products to
communicate a strong and lasting message of your brand. Perceived value is very important when we quote.

Product Development

We love the challenge of sourcing unique products to meet your promotional needs. We custom make items to reflect
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Overseas Product Sourcing

Through our sourcing office in Hong Kong we can capture new ideas from around the
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Corporate Gifts

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Advertising Campaigns
Promotional products mailings can dramatically improve response rates.

Customer Goodwill
Promotional products foster customer goodwill, positive attitudes and strong feelings toward a company and its salespeople.
Customer Referrals
Generate customer referrals using promotional products.
Direct Mail
Make a significant difference in direct mail response rates with the use of promotional products.
Employee Awards & Incentives
Awards and incentive programs improve performance and motivate employees.
Repeat Business
Customers come back more frequently when you use Direct Mail Programs using promotional products.
Three Dimensional Direct Mail Packaging
Packaging of promotional products can evoke curiosity as well as increase Direct Mail response rates.
Trade Shows
Promotional products increase traffic to an exhibitor's trade show booth.

To get the best results for your clients promotional campaign try some of the following tips:

Determine overall goals. Promotional products can be used for almost all types of motivation. Some questions you need to ask are: What kind of response is the client trying to achieve? At what point will the response justify the budget? What are all the product options?
Make sure the items support your marketing story. With consumer promotions, this usually means tying the promotional product to the lifestyle and self-image of the clients target audience. One example would be if your clients trying to sell computer try looking towards electronically orientated products which support the overall product.

Reinforce clients other promotions. A leading sporting goods manufacturer gave away imprinted ties to qualfied prospects. The prospects were invited to the company's suite party and told that if they wore the ties they'd get a door prize and be entered to win a trip to Hawaii. Not only was attendance high, but the ties helped build a sense of community among the prospects. Make sure you are educating your clients, they aren’t just going to you to save a dollar they are expecting you to add some value through your service, knowledge and experience.


“Promotional Products are the only form of advertising that people will thank you for.”

The survey of marketing managers, marketing directors and senior managers found;

28% believe promotional products are more memorable than media advertising

83% indicated that promotional products play a unique role in the marketing mix

43% of enterprises have increased their spend in recent years primarily for branding and attracting new customers

Central Objectives for using promotional products are;

53% To raise brand awareness and company recognition 
36% To encourage customer loyalty 
30% To create goodwill 
22% To encourage willingness to recommend brand or Co. 
20% To directly increase sales 
5% To say Thank You 

Target Markets for which promotional products are used;

81% Existing or Potential Customers 
49% Intermediaries 
50% Employees 
5% Others 

Types of promotional products used:

64% Apparel 
56% Writing Instruments 
38% Desk/Office 
35% Buttons, Badges/Stickers/Magnets 
34% Sporting & Leisure Goods 
29% Calendars 
22% Glassware/Ceramics 
20% Food & Beverages 
17% Timepieces & Watches 
15% House ware/Tools 
14% Recognition Awards/Trophies 
9% Auto Accessories 
8% Games/Toys
How to use Promotional Products 
Brand Awareness
Safety Awareness
New Product Launches
Thank you gifts
Sales Calls
Sporting Events
Health Awareness
Enviro Messages
Childrens Promotions
Schools Education
Staff Awareness
Trade Promotions
Travel Promotions
Community Awareness
Sales Promotions

Promotional Products and Avertising That Works

Many businesses are using promotional products to advertise their business. Effective advertising can make the difference between success and failure in business. Companies can use traditional giveaways such as promotional t-shirts and caps, or less traditional items, such as promotional eco friendly or promotional computer IT products, to promote their company.

Many business owners struggle to find the perfect avenue to promote their business. Not every owner can afford advertisements or commercials on television or on the radio.
In addition, the mass media may not always reach their niche market. Many companies choose to purchase promotional items to advertise their business.

Some choose to personalise clothing, such as t-shirts, caps, corporatewear, sportswear or jackets. These materials can be embroidered or screenprinted with the company's name or contact information. The wearer then advertises the company to others while walking around in the branded clothing. Many sports brands have used this medium with great success. What great value for advertising.

Among the promotional products that are inexpensive to produce and very effective in getting your name and brand out, are promotional magnets with your contact information, such as your logo, phone number, email address, and mailing address. People can place your promotional magnets on the refrigerator as a constant reminder.

Metal or plastic promotional key chains are also inexpensive and an effective way of advertising because individuals use keys every day to get into their house or office. People also use promotional pencils and promotional pens regularly at work and at home. Pencils tend to be cheaper than pens, however when it comes to usage, most people prefer pens to pencils.

Products with proven history

Finally toys can be great giveaways, especially if your merchandise has to appeal to kids and parents. Fast food companies have realized the value of toys and their giveaways are a great draw with kids. With all these promotional objects, it is important that the potential client have access to your contact information, so make sure you use visible fonts and that all contact information is accurate.
Many businesses are also using memory sticks/promotional USB Drives as a way to promote their product. Memory sticks / Promotional USB Drices are a useful product that we use every time we need to save a document. Every time we look at the stick it helps us remember the company name. In addition, you can offer promotional CD cleaners, mouse pads, cases and other computer and IT Promotional accessories.
Some companies also use eco-friendly giveaways. Individuals who are passionate about saving the environment will give more notice to eco-friendly products. Many eco-friendly items are made from recycled, eco-friendly plastic or anything that is biodegradable or made with organic materials. Some great gifts include recycle key chains or organic shirts, bags or hats. You can also hand out recycled pens, pencils and mugs and many are even giving away solar powered accessories. This is a great way to show everyone that your company is responsible and environmentally conscious.
Many companies will give you great custom promotional products at low prices. Promotional products help with name retention and brand recall over a much longer period of time. Smart business owners, who choose the optimum mix of promotional products, can definitely take their business to another level and get the attention it deserves.
To get optimum results from your marketing campaign you need to use promotional products that are targeted to your audience and promotion. Contact a professional consultant at Goodgear to help you plan a creative campaign on 02 4323 4884.