Decoration Options
Logo's, Name's and Numbers - we do it all
Embroidery - On fleece jackets and hoodies we offer an excellent embroidery service. Usually we embroider the schools emblem or crest on the left hand breast, with the option for Year 12 and then the date if desired. Individual names are often embroidered in script or bold type fonts on the right hand breast. On our fleece jackets or hoodies go for something different with a large embroidery across the front chest to give it that retro look.
Sublimation - On sublimated hoodies and jackets we use a process called sublimation, which means the logo and patterns are dyed into the fabric so you can have a pattern or style applied all over the garment from front to back! Sublimation is done when the shirt is made, so we can sublimate logos, large logos, names, numbers, collar prints, sleeve prints and just about any pattern on the garment itself. We can sublimate any colour you want, just let us know.
Thermofilm - We have an inhouse process called Thermofilm, where indivual names and numbers and other text are cut out on a machine and applied by using a heat press so it becomes permanent. Usually we have a students nickname on the top, with the current year underneath. On Hoodies its a better idea to put these details closer to the bottom so when the hood isnt being used its not covering up your nickname. Colours include: Red, White, Navy, Black, Gold, Bottle Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Royal Blue.
Decoration Options
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