Top 10 Confectionary
Lollies and Sweets
 Peppermints in Mint Card Toffees Jelly Beans
 Mint Cards
Toffees in 4 litre Drums Corporate Coloured Jelly Beans in Cello Packs
 Jelly Beans in Jars Peppermints in Silver Tin M+Ms in Dispenser
 Assorted Jelly Beans in Containers Peppermints in Silver TinM+Ms in Dispenser
 M+Ms In Stainless steel bowl Stainless Steel Mugs Logo Lolly Pops
 M+Ms in Stainless Steel Bowls M+Ms in Stainless Steel Mugs
 Logo Lolly Pops
 Toffees in Plastic Cocktail Shaker  
**Please note that you can get different fillers for the containers. These may include: Jelly Beans, Gourmet Jelly Beans, Fruticas, M+Ms, Toffees, Lolly Pops, Mints and Fiesta Fruits. Other Confectionary available apon request.