The pen is not dead and print is not dead either, despite what rumours you might hear. In fact, branded pens are still one of the most effective promotional products out there and it’s been that way for decades. The reason for their longevity is that they work well as an advertising tool.

There are many reasons why the humble pen remains a great marketing tool, and we’ll be highlighting a number of these in this article.

Customers can keep a ballpoint pen

When promoting your business and brand, the more longevity you can squeeze out of your marketing, the better.  A simple pen definitely lasts longer than some other promotional products or marketing ideas, as the recipient can keep refilling the pen over and over again.

Rather than merely handing over a boring business card that’s likely to get lost or discarded because it has no tangible use, everyone keeps pens at home, at work, in their bag or the car. 

Pens are highly useful

Everyone likes a pen and everyone needs a pen. Even though many of us type on phones and keyboards these days, pens are still the go-to item when you want to jot down some notes, a phone number, a quick shopping list and so on. Many paper forms still require the use of a decent pen to fill them out too.

There was a recent study conducted by Promotional Products Association International. The study concluded that 79% of recipients actually use a promotional pen they’ve been given and 83% of people are likely to keep a ballpoint pen.

Easy and cost-effective

Depending on the style of pen you choose and how much information you want printed on the pens, they certainly don’t cost a lot to produce. They are one of the most affordable promotional items a business can use, made even more cost-effective by their longevity. Many people keep promotional pens for years, so that’s even more bang for your buck.

Send out pens whenever you send paperwork to a client or potential customer. Include a pen as a gift when you hand out your business card. Add promotional pens to your shipments. Give customers a bunch of pens and encourage them to hand them out to their friends and family. Because they are so low-cost to produce, there’s no reason why you can’t just hand them out anywhere and everywhere.

Pens are like useful business cards

We’ve already discussed how useful pens are and how that’s one of the reasons people hang onto them, but pens are also a vehicle for your company’s vital contact information. Just like a business card, you can print the company name on a promotional pen, along with other details such as the business address and phone number.

A basic pen becomes a marketing tool and every time someone uses that pen, they’ll be reminded of your brand. Then, whenever they need a product or service that you provide, your company will be the first that comes to mind.

Make a statement with customised pens

Not all promotional items and concepts stand out, but pens certainly do, which is why they’ve stood the test of time for so many years. As mentioned in the previous section, branded pens serve as a constant reminder about your company, products or services.

The other cool thing about promotional pens, is there are so many colours and styles to choose from. This gives you even more scope to make a statement, by choosing a bold colour, or a pen that looks particularly stylish in its design.

Ultimately, you can really mix things up by ordering promotional pens in a range of colours and styles, so customers can pick and choose which pen they like. This adds an even more personalised and customised approach to promotional pens. Put some thought into your pen strategy and decide on what will work best for you and your business. Have fun with ideas to extend your reach and enhance your branding.

Pens get passed around

How many times have you asked somebody for a pen, or been asked if you have a pen? It happens all the time. Pens get swapped and passed around, changing hands often, particularly in an office environment. Even at home, pens tend to get used by everyone in the household at some point.

What this means is that your branding often ends up being seen by someone who was never initially even given a promotional pen. This further extends your marketing reach, increasing brand visibility.

Marketing experts state that someone needs to see or hear about your brand several times before they start to sit up and take notice. The more your pens are used and passed around, the more memorable your business is going to become.

No one says no to a promotional pen

For all the reasons stated above and more, no one is likely going to say no to being given a promotional pen from your company.

Think about it. When handing out fliers or business cards to the general public, many people simply wave you off. That’s not usually going to happen if you’re offering them a useful gift that they can use every day.

Other forms of advertising, such as Google Ads and TV ads, are often quickly forgotten, but a pen is kept, serving as a constant reminder to contact your business should the need arise.


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