Among the most significant changes many industries have witnessed over recent years is a startling yet understandable rise in individuals working remotely. This article will examine how to remind remote workers that they are still a valued, respected part of the team. One proven way to win the hearts and minds of errant individuals or those feeling under-appreciated is through the clever distribution of carefully chosen custom-branded promotional products. At Goodgear, we know a thing or two about the subject and have put together some recommendations and innovative ideas you can employ when reaching out to connect with your remote workers. 

What is remote working?

A remote worker does their day-to-day job from the comfort of whichever location they prefer. This usually means working from home and visiting the workplace at pre-arranged times or whenever necessary. The last few years saw an extraordinary surge in people working remotely, primarily through unavoidable necessity. Although many have now returned to their original place of work, some found it much more conducive to focused, productive working periods and have chosen to make remote working a permanent choice. 

Closing the gap

Few things can de-motivate employees faster than feeling disconnected from their employers and the business. While distance makes it more difficult for managers and owners to gauge the mood of their employees, this disconnect does not always happen simply because that person no longer spends every day sitting in the office—quite the opposite. Employees might just as easily be physically present but mentally and emotionally absent. Still, it is crucial to let remote workers know they are fundamental to the overall mission and represent an integral part of the business’s ongoing success. But how to do that?

Customised promotional products

One surefire way to garner positivity and a sense of loyalty among remote workers is by sending them bespoke promotional products. The nature of those products will tend to dictate the tactic’s effectiveness, and a lesser response can be expected from a custom-branded pencil than from a cut glass crystal decanter. That is not to say either of them is without merit; it is just that some thought and strategy are needed to drive the choice and distribution of these items. Ideally, the person charged with arranging the design and manufacture of bespoke promotional items for employees will already have strong working relationships with them and an inherent understanding of what is appropriate and most likely to be well-received. 

Building rapport

Maintaining solid, healthy working relationships with clients and customers is a function that must be used in any successful business endeavour. However, those clients cannot exist or be serviced without the hard work and dedication of a company’s employees. Customised promotional products represent the perfect way to build rapport with remote workers, but they must be selected purposefully. Random, unrelated gifts will not be received with negativity, but their impact will be much less than a thoughtful, targeted one. 

Showing appreciation

Showing genuine appreciation for the hard work that any workforce puts in is always a nice gesture but something that will seem cynical and conniving if not done with thought and attention to detail. A scatter-gun approach to promotional gifts is seldom the best tactic, and the same principles apply whether you are targeting potential customers, business partners, or existing employees. Authentic, transparent appreciation will be reciprocated, and remote workers will indeed feel valued if they receive a token of appreciation that seems heartfelt and genuine. 

Generating motivation

Although there are many advantages to a remote workforce, it doesn’t come without certain drawbacks. Some remote workers report feeling a lack of motivation and drive when working from home and can feel isolated. Receiving a promotional product will be nothing if not an intriguing, welcome relief from the everyday routine and can be highly beneficial to boosting morale and motivation.

Custom-branded products ideal for remote workers

A contributing factor to many people’s diminished motivation and sense of direction when working from home is their working spaces’ lack of organisation and clarity. With carefully chosen custom-branded promotional gifts from Goodgear, we can kill two birds with one stone, help them organise their workspaces, and improve spirits at the same time. An almost endless list of perfect items for the job can be found on our website, but some of our favourite products to help remote workers stay organised include:

  • Pen and pencil sets/stationary 
  • General office supplies 
  • Document holders, storage, and organisers
  • Bags for laptops, files, and other work-related equipment
  • Compendiums, planners, and diaries
  • Power banks 
  • USB hubs
  • Mouse mats

Non-work-related promotional gifts

While work-related gifts are an excellent solution, the onus on work might make them seem less personalised and thoughtful. Consider including promotional gifts that are unconnected with work and focus on the individual, namely:

  • Custom-branded self-care products
  • Eye masks
  • Face creams, balms, and lotions
  • Soaps, gels, shampoos, and conditioners
  • Body sprays and perfumes
  • Manicure kits and equipment

Modern technology and entertainment 

Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular custom-branded promotional gifts include technology items like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Most individuals enjoy listening to music while they work, and facilitating that is a nice gesture that will not go unnoticed. 

Health and fitness

The sheer range of equipment available to facilitate sporting and fitness activities is staggering, from sports towels and sweatbands to smart devices and fitness trackers. Whether you need corporate team jerseys, branded tracksuits, golf accessories or yoga bands, Goodgear has you covered. We’ve even got a custom-branded sports whistle! What better way to tap into positive feelings and associations than by helping your employees stay fit and giving them the latest equipment? Not only will your employees appreciate a super new gym bag, but others are bound to see it in use, increasing your brand’s exposure. 


Custom-branded apparel is a tried and tested winner in the promotional gifts world; nobody turns up their nose to a lovely new t-shirt or warm hooded top for those cold mornings. Again, the range of options is immense, allowing you to choose the most appropriate garment for each employee and adorn it with the company logo or other branding.

  • A word of caution: Size is crucial when gifting clothing and can be a highly sensitive subject with some people. If in doubt, choose alternative promotional gifts that do not require you to make assumptions about measurements.

Environmentally friendly options

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and offer an excellent selection of promotional products for similarly-minded clients. Your company may be duty-bound to meet certain eco-targets and shun the use of certain materials and techniques. In that case, sending items that breach those commitments as gifts is hardly appropriate, and you may prefer to browse our eco-range that includes:

  • Bags
  • Clothing
  • Desk accessories
  • Gift sets
  • Headgear
  • Stationary 
  • Sunglasses
  • Toys
  • Tech accessories

Goodgear and our promise to you

At Goodgear, we take great pride in all our customisable promotional products’ quality, durability, and professional appearance. We aim to be the go-to, one-stop destination for all your custom-branded promotional items, backing up our hand-picked products with marketing advice and strategies based on our team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of marketing techniques. With more than three decades of experience in everything from custom manufacturing and garment design to uniform supply, we have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as forerunners in the manufacturing and supply industries. 

You can trust Goodgear to provide top-of-the-line custom-branded promotional items perfect for any scenario. We can help with any aspect of the process and know it will make a genuine difference to your business.

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